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Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday,
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 Our Company Policies:



We will never divulge your personal or corporate information for any reason other than to complete a quote or transaction with one of our authorized vendors. We all have strict guidelines regarding data management and secure SSL data transmission protocol including Credit Card and Paypal purchases.


Product Guarantees:

In light of the fact that we are distributors of over 150,000 items, our guarantees vary. Standard warranties for computers, servers, copiers, printers, fax machines and projectors are all available on the manufacturers' websites and will be clearly stated with every purchase.  Guarantees on our toner and ink products vary, but all our products carry at least a one year guarantee from date iof purchase. We stand behind everything we sell here at Master Copy Systems, and customer service and satisfaction are top priorities with us. In the remote event of a problem, we will always make sure that a fair solution is reached by issuing a full refund, replacment, credit or repair. 



Again, being a distributor for such a large variety of items, there is no single return policy, but you can check on each manufacturers' website for their standard return guidelines for computers, servers, copiers, printers, fax machines and projectors, and these guidelines will be clearly stated with every purchase. Toner and ink returns will generally require an RA number to be issued prior to returning merchandise. Depending on the circumstances, a fair solution will be reached by issuing a full refund, replacment, credit or repair. 


 Our Mission - from the owner of Master Copy Systems:

I want to thank all our customers for putting your faith and trust in us and the philosophy that defines Master Copy Systems. When I started this company I had one goal in mind - to prove that doing good business is a way of life. I believe when you truly care about your customers and treat them like family, relationships are created that will flourish and stand the test of time. When I know that one of my employees or myself have gone the extra mile to research the best quality and pricing solution for any given request, we are honoring a code of ethics that echos the ideals of the American Constitution. It is a foundation that is unshakable in it's scope and eternal in it's application.

In the thirty plus years I have worked in various aspects of this industry, I have built a vast network of trustworthy resources that have now become the backbone of my business model and the heart of my philosophy. When I contact my vendors to determine who has the best pricing and solutions for my customers, they honor that same code of ethics with honesty, integrity and efficiency on all levels. We are building something big here, and I invite each and every customer to share our philosophy so that we may facilitate building a trustworthy, fair, efficient and environmentally friendly future our children will be proud to inherit as our legacy, our gift to the future of America and the emerging Global Community. 

Mark Keefner

Owner, Master Copy Systems